Venture Capitalists: “Food Tech Revolution” Will Disrupt the Restaurant Industry


According to Venture Capitalist Dave McClure — one of Silicon Valley’s “super angel investors” — the “food tech revolution” will disrupt the way restaurants design menus and interact with customers.

Arguing that the current incumbents in the restaurant industry are “big dumb old DINOSAURS,” McClure lays out his argument in three parts:

1) Menus have few pictures and no recommendations

2) With current online ordering options, customers have no way to see recommendations, personal order history or friends’ order history — all of which would streamline the service process.

3) Customers have to wait long periods with nothing to do, and limited options to add, modify or track orders.

McClure’s 500 Startups seed fund currently invests in multiple “food tech” companies, including

Our bet is that McClure is going to help guide one of those companies towards his ultimate restaurant vision.

Our question: does McClure appreciate a leisurely fine-dining experience, or is he hoping to disrupt swank places like the Four Seasons as well?