Storenvy, the ‘Amazon for Indie Sellers,’ Leads a Comeback After Being Kicked Out of YC Combinator


Talk about a pivot. Storenvy recently completed a $5 million Series A round, led by Intel Capital, Spark Capital and First Round Capital — roughly two years after getting kicked out of the first day of YC Combinator.

That’s like being cut from the varsity squad and ending up being recruited by the opposing team.

As CEO Jon Crawford notes in a now-famous blog post, his Kansas City co-founders’ decision to leave Storenvy instead of moving to Silicon Valley resulted in a last-minute team shift — and some unhappy seed capitalists at YC Combinator. According to Crawford, Paul Graham noted that YC does not like ‘single-founder startups,’ or last-minute leadership changes.

Since then, the site has launched its ‘Marketplace’ front-page product discovery tool, similar to The Fancy, which highlights individual products. The site currently boasts 30,000 sellers and more than 500,000 registered users.

“We want to be a gigantic Urban Outfitters full of the world’s best stuff including fashion,” Crawford told TechCrunch.