Brad Feld Announces ‘FiberHouse’ Competition in Kansas City


Brad Feld — Managing Director at the Foundry Group — announced yesterday that he had bought a house in Kansas City, next to the KC Startup Village and Home for Hackers. The house — which will soon be equipped with Google Fiber — is the crux of the newly announced ‘Feld’s KC FiberHouse Competition,’ where Feld will choose a lucky group of five entrepreneurs to live, work and play in the house — rent-free — for a full year.

Feld noted that the ultimate goal of the project is to support the burgeoning Kansas City startup scene. The judges for the competition will be Feld, Scott Case of Startup America Partnership,  David Cohen of TechStars and Lesa Mitchell of the Kauffman Foundation.

More and more, venture capitalists and entrepeneurs are seeking to create their own ecosystems outside the Valley. Tony Hsieh’s planned revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, and the New York City technology campuses are prominent examples. Our question: is it possible to transplant an entire mindstate — borne of the Bay Area’s liberal leanings and student-heavy populace — into completely different regions?

Regardless of Kansas City’s viability as a tech hub, we’re sure plenty of hackers will be happy to compete for a year of rent-free living.