Learn to Read Your Venture Capitalist’s Cues, Before He Kicks You to the Curb


The Next Web reports on the “8 Things Your VC Won’t Tell You” – and the ability to answer these unasked questions could be the difference between life and death. Brad Gillespie of IA Ventures, Steve Schlafman of Lerer Ventures and Michael Klein of Canaan Partners all contributed to the piece.

Among other insights, the venture capitalists reveal that VCs often can’t remember all the business models of companies they sponsor – so it’s best to remind them at the outset of each meeting.

Entrepreneurs must also make clear that they have compiled the right ‘Dream Team’ for their idea, and have the unique skillset to lead. Venture capitalists won’t always give you the benefit of the doubt, or fair warning that they doubt your abilities.

The full list of the things you’ll never hear your VC say:

1) I can’t remember what you do.

2) I don’t get your product

3) I know I’ve heard of others doing this.

4) Can I add value to this business?

5) You’re not solving a real problem.

6) I don’t believe you’re right to lead this business.

7) I’m not sure if I can afford this.

8) It doesn’t feel right.