Sequoia Capital VC Urges Ivy League Students to Join Startups


More than 100 students converged on the Princeton campus last weekend for the school’s first “Start @ A Startup” conference, presented by Sequoia Capital and the Princeton student-run publication Business Today.

According to TechCrunch, the general message of the conference: Screw finance, join a startup.

Sequoia Capital partner Bryan Schreier – a Princeton alum – noted that career advancement and “success ownership” are much easier to come by in entrepreneurial companies. Schreier also noted that about 41 percent of Stanford undergraduates join startups immediately after graduation, compared to roughly 20 percent of Ivy League undergraduates.

The conference featured students from across the Ivy League and other elite schools, in addition to company representatives from Dropbox, Romotive and Cue – all of whom evangelized on the value of start-up experience, particularly for software engineers who are already in high demand.

Schreier’s tip for identifying which startups will be successful? Go through Sequoia’s portfolio of companies, as over 50% of Sequoia investments are successful.