3D Printing Pen Raises Kickstarter Cash, Sets Internet on Fire in 24 Hours


The 3Doodler – created by seasoned toy veterans Peter Dilworth and Max Bogue – was posted to Kickstarter about one day ago, and the $75 plug-in pens are already selling like hot cakes.

According to TechCrunch, the pens work by heating and pushing out plastic, which cools to form solid, 3D structures. The demonstration video has over 200,000 Youtube views in less than 24 hours, and showcases such intricate plastic structures as a dragonfly, a dinosaur, and the “3Doodler” logo.

A recent report by The Financial Times contends that 3D printing is set to be a massively disruptive growth industry. With over $690,000 of Kickstarter cash raised for 3Doodler — compared to the founders’ modest goal of $30,000 — we expect to be hearing a lot more of this product.