NYC “Made in NY” Campaign Connects Young Talent to Tech Startups


America’s most entrepreneurial mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced the “We Are Made in New York” tech initiative, in partnership with New York Tech Meetup, to support the city’s burgeoning startup scene. According to VentureBeat, the campaign includes a newly-launched website, and a digital map of the city’s top tech start-ups – including Etsy, Behance and Rap Genius. Companies included on the campaign website are those which are a) Mostly coded in NYC b) Have 10,000+ people use or visit their site monthly c) Display “Made in NYC” prominently as its copyright. The campaign will highlight these prominent tech firms in city-sponsored ads across the city.

By requiring companies in the initiative to mark themselves as “Made in NYC,” the campaign is as much a branding initiative as an encouragement for young people to enter tech start-ups. The digital map additionally shows which tech startups are currently hiring, connecting jobseekers to openings.

In true tech new-media fashion, the announcement was made at the BuzzFeed offices on West 21st Street.  The mayor’s office also released a BuzzFeed-esque list of “5 Animals Who Are Not Disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.”