“Platforms Unite!” AMC and Nerdist Form Video Content Alliance


Nerdist Industries – a cross-platform entertainment network with over 360,000 Youtube subscribers – has formed a web-tv video alliance with AMC Channels, according to VentureBeat. The deal appears to be a natural outgrowth of Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick’s popular after-show “The Talking Dead,” which currently runs on the AMC website and is devoted to the hit show “The Walking Dead.”

Nerdist also signed a development deal with AMC for its popular “All Star Celebrity Bowling” Youtube show – aiming to mold the program to the full cable model.

Nerdist was purchased by Legendary Industries in July 2012, and its channel currently features such B-level celebrities as the Sklar brothers, Baba Booey, and Weird Al Yankovic.