Andreesen Horowitz VC Chris Dixon Explains Why We Are in the Middle of a Revolution


 In a blog post today, top early-stage Andreesen Horowitz venture capitalist Chris Dixon explains how technological revolutions inevitably follow financial crashes – and he says we are about to enter another period of “technology deployment” for many industries. Dixon notes that, in the steaming rubble of a crash, new technology is ripe for implementation, and feeds a period of fast-paced growth as the technology is “deployed” throughout society. He further explains that, in moving from technology “installation” to deployment, the bulk of commerce will move “up the stack” – literally building applications onto previous layers of infrastructure.

In the Industrial Revolution, for instance, the installation phase was the creation of automobiles, and the “deployment” phase was the construction of highways, gas stations, shipping, etc.

In the current “Age of Information,” the core infrastructure is computer science and Internet, which entrepreneurs build upon. Keep in mind that Dixon does not expect mere iPhone apps to move us “up the stack,” though. Dixon defines deployment as rebuilding a given industry from scratch using a new technology.

Dixon believes that the industries most set for disruption are healthcare, education and finance. He says the process is just getting started, with the appearance a large revolution with many ‘micro-revolutions.’

So, if you’re in healthcare, education or finance, you’re either going to be completely screwed, or come out a winner in the disruption game. Make sure you’re playing you’re cards right.