Google Glass Announces Consumer Purchase Campaign, Partners with Warby Parker to Improve Design


 Google Glass released a widely-viewed video yesterday of the product’s user interface, as well as announcing the #ifihadglass campaign – allowing consumers to explain in 50 words or less, via Twitter or Google+, what they would do if they, ya know, “had glass.”

According to TechCrunch, winners will have to pay the $1500 – but competition amongst Google fans and futurists alike should be heated until the February 27 deadline. The video is a jaw-dropper, flashing sequences of skydiving, jet-flying, dog-playing and extreme bubble-blowing as seen through Google Glass. Glass-wearers can Google+ hangout, film videos, snap photos, and monitor social media through the product. As opposed to earlier showcases, the new prototype appears to have all computer-interaction take place in the top right corner of the glasses.

TechCrunch also reports that Google plans to partner with hip eyewear startup Warby Parker to improve the design of the glasses – moving from a “Jimmy Neutron” look to, presumably, something sleek and unobtrusive.