Here’s Why Facebook Users Will Drop Like Flies This Year


Venture capitalists, thought leaders, and even regular users are cutting their Facebook friends and time spent on the site, according to Mathew Ingram for GigaOM.

Ingram explains that Facebook frequently offers more clutter then real information about friends, much of which can also be accessed – in more consumable form – on Twitter and Tumblr. Ingram unfriended “80 percent” of his connections, keeping only close friends and family, which he says has made the experience much more useful. By establishing work-related connections on LinkedIn, photo-consumption on Instagram and Flickr, and Twitter for famous people and breaking news, users can better compartmentalize their social media.

The increasing stream of sponsored content and corporate shilling has made the site ‘painful’ for others as well. Fred Wilson of Union Square Partners writes that he has gotten rid of his profile and created a ‘Fan Page,’ featuring his blog, Twitter and Tumblr feeds – and very little else.

A recent TechCrunch article notes that 34 percent of users responding to a Pew Survey say they had reduced their time spent on the site over the past year, and 27 percent said they plan to spend less time on the site in the future.

In other words, though leaders are beginning to understand how redundant many of the site’s features are, and the general public is beginning to tire of their Facebook addiction. Zuckerberg and company might be wise to spend less time building a “Main Street” for employees, and more time innovating methods to keep users engaged.