Brad Feld: “Master the ‘Ebb-and-Flow’ of Work/Life Balance.”


According to Foundry Group Managing Director Brad Feld, achieving a true balance of personal relationships, relaxation and work is rarely possible for entrepreneurs. Instead, Feld suggests for work-a-holics to focus on appreciating the ‘ebb and flow’ of work and life, and striving to achieve a happy equilibrium of all commitments.

He notes that in a recent week, he had to focus on his Managing Director duties, writing blog posts, spending quality time with his wife Amy, dinner dates with his brother, training for a marathon, and “snuggling with my dog.” By putting priorities first – and not neglecting the things that make him happy, like waking up with his wife and the private-time of running – he claims he is able to keep a pleasant-but-hectic schedule.

Of course, entrepreneurs are in a constant fight with the clock, and their own sleep schedule. According to CNBC, Marissa Mayer worked 130 hours a week in her first five years at Google, often sleeping at her desk. To avoid burn-out, she emphasized that workers must “know themselves” to prevent burnout, and to honor their own personal rhythms and relaxation techniques. In fact, if she were Feld’s boss, we think she may even ask him to cut down on his “family time. “

“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you,” Mayer said.