Nielsen Launches $25 Million Early-Stage Media Investment Fund in Israel


According to TechCrunch, Nielsen has announced the launch of its government-backed, $25 million Israel investment fund ‘Nielsen Innovate’ this week, with a focus on early-stage ventures in web, media, research, investments and advertising. Last summer, Nielsen was awarded the mandate to launch the fund, and the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist will be able to invest $5 for every $1 the fund invests.

Nielsen technically owns 51 percent of the firm, with additional equity coming from Partam High Tech — the investment fund behind Playtika’s sale to Caesars Entertainment for $80 million in 2011.  Esther Barak-Lendes, Partam’s investment head for high-tech, will be in charge of the Nielsen Innovate fund as well.

With a history of success, a strong technology community around the Technion — Institute of Technology, and the major-brand backing of Nielsen, the tech scene in Israel is in full blossom mode — one expects more out of them than Silicon Savannah, at this point. As long as Nielsen Innovate stays away from apps and social networks, we’ll be happy to report on their innovations.