Tech Founders Dominate on Forbes’ 2013 Billionaire List


Forbes has named our super-rich overlords “The World’s Richest Billionaires” for 2013, and the giants of tech are well-represented as expected. The world’s richest person, for the fourth year in a row, is Carlos Slim, whose mobile carrier empire stretches across South America and Europe. Bill Gates is king of the techies (in so far as Slim’s mobile carriers are not considered “tech,” according to TechCrunch), with $67 billion. Mark Zuckerberg, at 28, remains the youngest billionaire on the list, ranked 66th overall and ninth-richest in tech with $13.3 billion — down from $17.5 billion last year.

Microsoft and Google place three people each amongst the world’s 20 richest, while Apple’s only representation in the billionaire’s list is Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, with $10.7 billion.

Check out the top 10 richest tech billionaires below:

1) Bill Gates: $67 billion, from Microsoft and other investments

2) Larry Ellison: $43 billion, from Oracle

3) Jeff Bezos: $25 billion, from Amazon

4) Larry Page: $24 billion, from Google

5) Sergey Brin: $22.8 billion, from Google

6) Michael Dell: $15.3 billion, from Dell Computers

7) Steve Ballmer: $15.2 billion, from Microsoft

8) Paul Allen: $15 billion, from Microsoft

9) Mark Zuckerberg: $13.3 billion, from Facebook

10) Azim Premji: $11.2 billion, from Wipro Limited (Indian software firm)