Bloomfire Raises $8 Million to Build Better “Tribal” Knowledge in Businesses


Bloomfire, based in Austin, Texas, has raised $8 million from Redpoint Ventures and Austin Ventures to expand its “knowledge sharing” enterprise platform, according to TechCrunch.

They’re value-pitch is a tad obscure – they claim to help build “tribal” knowledge and help managers “avoid disengagement” with employees – but the company is similar to Yammer in that they allow organizations to build internal networks. Within these networks, employees can create content, profiles, ask questions, and find “nodes” of particular expertise in a given topic.

Bloomfire also launched a new platform design yesterday, hoping to bring a sticky “consumer,” multimedia feel to the networks.

The company currently has 250 paying customers – including Bechtel and Etsy — and 65,000 active users.