TastemakerX is the Fantasy Sports League for Hipsters; Raises $1.25 Million


TastemakerX has raised $1.25 million in funding from Baseline Ventures, AOL Ventures, True Ventures and Guggenheim Ventures, according to Pando Daily. The company, which allows users to display their digital record collection and place their support behind other fans, allows users to engage in both a stock market and a “fantasy league” for music.

The company’s site and app currently include an artists stock chart measuring “Most Traded by Volume,” where Dave Grohl currently sits on top with a price of 2.21 (currency is not specified). The company also has a “league” function, where players buy in with “notes” and make at least one trade a week.

The ‘gamifying’ movement might be going too far here — don’t music snobs like to keep their music underground? Of course, the company could also make an interesting twist on the game by allowing people to short the “stock” of certain artists.

If that were the case, I’d be shorting the bejeesus out of Taylor Swift right now.