Artkive — Mommy Bloggers’ Favorite App — Wins Startup World L.A. Crown


The Kive Company’s Artkive app – which provides parents a platform to document their child’s artwork and developmental milestones – won yesterday’s Startup World L.A. competition, according to The Next Web, beating out nine other teams. The Artkive team will eventually take on 35 other startups from cities around the globe in San Francisco for the final Startup World event – held next year on February 19.

The Artkive app provides a lean, colorful cloud storage space for parents to upload their children’s precious lil’ moments, as well as allowing them to share the photos with small networks and to eventually order a physical scrapbook of the year’s pictures. Since launching in Fall 2012, the app has been downloaded over 125,000 times, with over 500,000 images uploaded to the platform.

It all sounds very twee and irreverent, but Kive co-founder Jeff Lipp and Jedd Gold both have MBAs – and ‘Chief Mom Officer’ Leila Pirnia is an MIT graduate. The company raised $500,000 in seed funding last year, in addition to working as part of L.A.’s Amplify accelerator.

Clearly these folks know something about business development, and their product so far is delighting moms everywhere.

“I can’t wait to keep going as he starts kindergarten and turn all of his artwork into a book at the end of the year. My kids will thank me one day when they can look back at all the Artkive books and see their artwork through the years, condensed and organized,” writes RoleMommy contributor Danielle Feigenbaum.

Can’t argue with results.