LONDON CALLING: Here’s Why the U.K. is the Most Lucrative Tech Market


According to Pando Daily, the U.K. has a higher percentage of its GDP made online than any other country.

Danny Rimer, general partner at Index Ventures, says “The U.K. is this turbocharged microcosm of the US. And London is the UK.”

In particular, London is home to Tech City – a hub in east/central London which houses multiple technology and media companies, and has investments from Google, Facebook, Cisco and other major corporations. London’s storied academic institutions – think Cambridge, Oxford and the London School of Economics – also contribute to the intellectual synergy of the city.

According to GigaOm, the U.K. also has generous tax breaks for companies with high R&D and innovation costs.

“London is one of the most competitive markets [to go after],” said Rimer. “But it will be the most lucrative.”