‘We Heart WiFi’ is Giving Away Free Internet Service at SXSW Right Now


Fred Wilson writes on his blog that, ironically, a reliable Internet connection is hard to find at SXSW – the carrier networks and event Wi-Fi are overloaded and super-slow.

Union Square Ventures has thus sponsored ‘We Heart WiFi,’ whose mobile, open wireless technologies are currently available at the conference –providing an ideal option for the thousands of SXSW smartphone users.

“We Heart WiFi” is a campaign for the FCC to keep ‘unused radio spectrum’ open, and their hoping that influencers at SXSW will catch on to the movement. Each ‘Heartspot’ is connected to a “single gigabit fiber backbone via Super WiFi backhaul links,” making use of the Federal Communications Commission’s recent approval of ‘Super WiFi’ technology.

For more on Super WiFi — “the next generation of wireless sharing technologies” — check out the campaign website here.