Big Data Startup Evolv Raises $15 Million to Predict Employee Success, Tenure


According to VentureBeat, Evolv — a big data startup helping companies manage their workforce — has raised $15 million in a funding round led by Vantage Point Capital, bringing their total funding to $44 million.

Evolv helps employers manage their employees on a number of factors, such as behaviors, skills, and ‘workstyle,’ and creates predictions such as how long an employee will stay, and their chance of succeeding in the organization. Using sources such as termination history, performance data and surveys, combined with a variety of macroeconomic metrics — such as gas prices and unemployment rates — Evolv claims to increase workforce tenure by an average of 15 percent and workforce performance by 5 percent.

The company has six-figure contracts with a number of big-name firms — including Xerox — and also formed a partnership in November with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to study attrition rates.
On the one hand, this is great for employer efficiency, but on the other hand, its bad news for anyone with half-assed work habits (re: the Homer Simpsons of the American workforce). Better sharpen up, career folk, the Man is catching on to your ‘workstyle!’