Video Game Executive Was ‘Scared Shitless’ of Launching Kickstarter Campaign for Android-Based Gaming Console


At SXSW this past weekend, Julie Uhrman — founder of the Android-based video-game console OUYA — said that she was ‘scared shitless’ of launching a Kickstarter campaign, according to TechCrunch.

Turns out she didn’t have much to be worried about — OUYA ended up raising over $1,000,000 in roughly eight hours, and $8.6 million in total from 63,416 individual Kickstart investors. The  company will be shipping its $99 consoles to Gamestop, Amazon, Best Buy and Target this June, and has over 480 titles in development thus far.

Uhrman is a veteran video game executive — check her out in the OUYA promo video below — and said she had failed to raise money through traditional means because the VCs she pitched were averse to hardware startups. Additionally, because OUYA did not have a website when it launched the Kickstarter campaign, many bloggers suspected Uhrman of scamming — an accusation she quickly dispelled of by appealing to the 1,200 customers who had received developer consoles in June, according to TechCrunch.