Bonobos — the Preppiest Men’s Fashion Since Vineyard Vines — Raises $30 Million after Surviving Co-Founders’ Falling Out


According to Pando Daily, Bonobos — a men’s fashion startup — has raised $30 million in a funding round led by Glynn Capital and Mouse Partners, and with participation from Nordstrom, among others.

Bonobos began at that epicenter of startups, Stanford, where co-founders Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly decided to make their own jeans in 2007 after being frustrated with the unpredictable fit of current retailers. Also like so many startups, the company was nearly wrenched in two by a brutal ego-battle, exacerbated when Dunn lied to TechCrunch in 2010 about Spaly’s role in the company (Spaly came up with much of the original designs for Bonobos). Spaly has since left the company, and is currently CEO of another e-commerce startup, Trunk Club.

Meanwhile, Dunn has led Bonobos to an impressive string of successes over the past few years — including a chain of five stores across New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. Unlike the glasses-folks at Warby Parker, Bonobos is jumping into the retail game quickly and strategically — Nordstrom’s currently sells Bonobos pants in 70 stores and shirts in 40 stores. Dunn says the company has yet to make a profit — common during stages of such rapid growth — but that they will be expanding their product line to include more shirts and even suits.

Check out Bonobos’ hip lil’ ad below, and let us know if you’ve tried a pair of Bonobos pants for yourself.