‘Medal of Honor’ Video Game Producer Launches Tilting Point, a $40 Million Mobile Indie Game Fund


Tom Frisina — former head of the crazy-successful EA Partners’ brand at Electronic Arts — announced today that his new company, Tilting Point, will be investing $40 million in independent mobile game developers over the next three years, according to AllThingsD.

“We’ve seen plenty of great games with solid development budgets this year fail because of a lackluster monetization plan or nonexistent marketing,” Frisina said.

Frisina ran EA Partners until 2007, working to co-publish and market games developed outside of Electronic Arts. Some of his biggest hits include the Medal of Honor series, Rock Band, and Battlefield 1942. He has recruited a few former EA associates to Tilting Point as well, including Partnership expert Dan Sherman, development director Steve Coallier, and lawyer Jim Hsu.