Former Google Product Manager Launches Mobile Advertising Startup Namo Media, Raises $1.9 Million


Gabor Cselle — a former Google product manager — has announced  a $1.9 million seeding round for his new mobile advertising startup, Namo Media, led by Google Ventures and with participation from Andreseen Horowitz, Trinity Ventures and Betaworks. Other co-workers in the new venture include Nassar Stoertz, who worked on Google Wallet, Gmail and Google Calendar, and Tural Badirkhanli, who also worked at Google.  

According to TechCrunch, Cselle hasn’t released any specific announcements yet, but has said that he plans on focusing on native-advertising — which is content-heavy, more lucrative, and (ideally) less annoying then regular ads.

Hey, if anyone can make advertising less annoying, it’s former Google employees. Ultimately, he says he wants to create something “really, really beautiful.”

Cselle has a pretty impressive track record as an entrepreneur, as he joined Google after the tech giant acquired his e-mail service reMail in 2010. He also sold his popular app DrawChat to OneLouder in 2012, calling it a “palate-cleanser.”