BRAD FELD: Think ‘Scale Up,’ Not ‘Startup’


In a blog post, Brad Feld — managing director of the Foundry Group — notes that startup communities are sprouting up worldwide, and ascribing to his goals laid out in his “Startup Communities: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City” book published last year. However, while working and speaking in Rio this week as part of the Global Entrepreneurs Congress, he had the epiphany that while millions are “starting up,” not everyone is thinking about the next step, “scaling up.”

He notes that companies shouldn’t focus on hitting a “magic number” for sales that can define how important their startup is, but rather consider the potential of their idea to grow and affect as many people as possible.

Feld notes that in his ‘Foundry Group’ portfolio, more than half of his 55 companies are in a “scaling up” stage. He will be helping publish three more books this year which he says will elaborate on his ethos of “scaling up.”

Feld’s whole ‘tech-citizen’ theme reminds me of Cory Booker’s speech at SXSW, or California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s book “Citizenville.” Makes you wonder how much commerce is going to play a role in government in the future, if all citizens are focusing on ‘starting up’ and ‘scaling.’ Sounds like a revolution to me…