Google Announces Global Impact Challenge Award for Innovative UK Nonprofits


Over the weekend, Google announced the Global Impact Challenge, with an award of £2 million ($3 million) for four UK-based non-profit startups making innovations in education, economic development, healthcare, the environment and community service. According to TechCrunch, Contest judges include Virgin founder Richard Branson and Internet-inventor (yes, really) Tim Berners-Lee, as well as a public vote by the public.

Deadlines for applications are April 17. The public will vote for their favorites, with the option of donating money to each project, after the Google judges wittle the finalists down to 10 in May, and Branson and the rest of the murderer’s row of judges will vote in the final round in June.

Each winner will get £500,000, and each of the 10 finalists will be receiving 10 Chromebooks.

Non-profit startups are always trendy; the issue is that they’re, well, “non-profit,” and usually need a real analyst to separate the bleeding-heart chafe from the actual innovations. That’s why the best charity moguls are the same people who are the most cut-throat businessmen — like Bill Gates. Even Mother Theresa was a heartless she-beast — she just chose to apply her “win-at-all-costs” mentality to charity.