Here Are the 7 Best Startups from Y Combinator’s Demo Day 2013


Yesterday, the Y Combinator Demo Day drew tech journalists, investors and enthusiasts from across the country to Silicon Valley. Thirty-three startups presented in total, and TechCrunch — with the input of YC leaders and founders — picked their seven favorites. Check them out below.

1. Thalmic Labs developed the MYO Armband, a gesture controller which detects electrical signals that map movements ot your hand. As we reported last month, the device is pretty next-level, allowing users to move through slide presentations, play games and control wireless devices via Bluetooth.

2. Watsi, Y Combinator’s first non-profit, is a crowdfunding platform for global health care, allowing users to pool funds to pay medical bills of the needy. The company plans to cover costs via “alternative methods,” like optional tips.

3. Lollipuff calls itself the “eBay of designer goods,” serving customers with an “authentication layer” of luxury items from Chanel, Louboutin and Herve Leger. The platform has fulfilled over $45,000 in orders since launching in January, and founder Fei Deyle formerly ran a successful blog as a “designer authenticator.” 

4. Semantics3 uses big data to index all products and prices on the web in one centralized location, and then sells a data license or API access to e-commerce merchants. Licenses are expected to cost around $12,000 a year, and allow companies to monitor competitor products, changing prices, and overall sales trends.

5. Wevorce has created a divorce-management system covering six broad steps — divorce planning, co-parent planning, parenting agreements, financial mapping, financial agreements, and divorce settlement. The company says that 109 out of 110 early clients have never gone to court by using Wevorce’s system.  

6. SimplyInsured allows users to view side-by-side comparisons of health insurance providers, bypassing traditional brokers. The company has seen 60% monthly revenue growth for the past six months. 

7. FlightCar is an airport car-sharing service which allows car owners to drop off cars at a given Flightcar location near their airport, and get chauffeur service the rest of the way. Owners are guaranteed free parking, a free car wash, and curbside pickup and dropoff. In just 10 weeks of business, the company has seen 450 rentals of over 220 vehicles, currently pulling in $12,000 in revenue a week.