Enterprise Bandwidth Management Startup Vantrix Raises $4.5 Million


Vantrix — a content delivery solution provider for ISPs, carriers and content owners — has raised $4.5 million from NXT Capital, according to VentureBeat.

The Montreal company has developed bandwidth optimization and “granular policy enforcement technologies” to help reduce network congestion caused by mobile media, streaming video and other demand for online content. The company currently has deployed to more than one billion subscribers on 75+ mobile networks.

Bandwidth management is a high-growth field, as we saw through last month’s $10 million funding of BTI Systems. And is it weird that, as a content creator, I was a little skeptical when I read that “demand for online content” is increasing? A more accurate statement would be that demand for GOOD online content is increasing, especially when most of the content on the web is technically things like tweets, posts and comments.

That’s why we give you pictures of Miley Cyrus without teeth, people…we know your demand for high-quality journalism knows no end. Thank you for supporting the good cause.