Here’s How to Impress Chris Dixon With Your Pitch


At last night’s Founder Showcase, investor and entrepreneur Chris Dixon — whose array of smart investments include BuzzFeed, Pinterest, and Kickstarter — gave tips on how to successfully pitch a company, according to PandoDaily. Founders, take note!

Convey that you know a secret

The biggest tech successes of the past decade solved problems which many businessmen didn’t even know existed, or didn’t think were worth solving — like the ‘search’ function, which was always hard to monetize and in a crowded market. Dixon says that founders likes Larry and Sergey knew the problem and the necessary tools better than anyone else, and thus were able to turn a “good idea that looked like a bad idea” into America’s most respected company. Know the tools of your trade to the core — especially if you’re a technical co-founder — and don’t be afaid to go into a business that others think is worthless.

It’s okay to be exasperated

Just don’t get all uppity about it. Many founders, when encountering investors, friends or even family members who are confused by a certain product — or the problem it is trying to solve — will become flustered and even rude. But to convince people of your vision of the future, you have to be authentic — explain patiently how your product will improve an industry, and why the world needs it.

Don’t be in such a rush to explain the product

VCs will frequently try to connect themselves with the best entrepreneurs — and that means getting deep into the personal experiences of founders to truly understand their guiding philosophies and vision. So, when investors ask about your background and how you came up with an idea, take it seriously and don’t just rush to explain your product. Dixon will typically spend the first twenty minutes of every meeting learning about a particular entrepreneur’s path —   and the information he gets then a huge factor when he’s considering whether to invest in the company.