ElectNext — Building an “Informed, Engaged Democracy” Through Big Data — Raises $1.3 Million Seed Round


ElectNext, providing a database on politicians and policy numbers, has raised $1.3 million in a seed round led by Brooklyn  Bridge Ventures in addition to Liberty City Ventures, Comcast Ventures the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and others, according to TechCrunch.

Similar to the CrunchBase database of startup companies and personnel, ElectNext’s database can be used to “create data-driven content that lives inside, and gives relevant context to, political news,” according to founder and CEO Keya Dannenbaum a.k.a lil’ Miss Overachiever, a graduate of Stanford who received her PhD from Princeton and is on leave from a Wharton MBA.

Dannenbaum has also worked on 18 political campaigns, and is currently leading ElectNext to partner with state and national organizations — including the City of Philadelphia and GovTrack — and convert the nation’s political data into online formats, making it simple to use in journalism, campaigns or other media. The  company’s political profiles will be used by PBS NewsHour, The Philadelphia Inquirer, NBC Politics and other major media organizations starting today.

Leveraging databases, of course, could be used to make news more exciting in just about any vertical — sports, entertainment, comedy, “wacky” news (there’s gotta be multiple offenders who just can’t stop doing wacky stuff….) Props to Dannenbaum for trying to lead a civic revolution — now we count down until she leaves Silicon Valley for a life in politics.