Lagoa Raises $1.6 Million, Launches World’s First 3D Rendering and Cloud Collaboration Platform


Lagoa, a producer of 3D rendering software and devices, has raised $1.6 million in seed funding from 500 Startups, Atlas Ventures, Real Ventures and RHO Ventures, among multiple angel investors according to TechCrunch. The announcing of the seed round corresponded with the release of a new 3D rendering and cloud collaboration platform, which the company claims is a first in computer-aided design.

The platform will allow creative teams to develop and present various designs at much faster rates, leading to more effective iterations and product releases. Founder Thiago Costa is a Brazil emigrant who launched his technology career in Montreal, and previously created the Lagoa MultiPhysics, a desktop-based physics engine.

3D is a hot field right now, of course — although we wonder if it’s hot enough to pull a profit for Lagoa. There are only so many designers who are comfortable working in 3D, and Lagoa has essentially created an enterprise product strictly for those designers. Apparently, a big focus for the product will be luxury car design, so it’s certainly not shooting for populist consumers. But with the right developments and marketing, this just might be a case of ‘trickle-down’ that works.