Simple.TV Raises $5.7 Million to Stream Cable Content Across Multiple Devices


Simple.TV — which manufactures a DVR box that can stream video across multiple devices — has raised $5.7 million in a funding round led by New World Ventures, according to TechCrunch

Simple.TV introduced its first hardware device as part of a Kickstarter campaign last May, raising almost $250,000 and currently selling the DVRs for $149. The boxes help “cord cutters” stream HD recordings to apps via iOS, Android and Roku devices, and the company is now planning to expand its platform to help users find and record their favorite programs — like a next-generation”TV Guide.”

In addition to including more cable content and shows from Netflix and Hulu, the company is also looking to integrate with smartphones and tablets so that users will not have to own the Simple.TV DVR to use the Simple.TV apps.

The funny thing about a guy like me — right out of college, living in a foreign country — is that the term ‘cord cutter’ is an anachronism in itself. I don’t have any cords to cut, I don’t plan on ever owning a TV — and I don’t think I’m alone. I get my program suggestions from Uproxx and BuzzFeed, and although my Netflix account currently doesn’t work out of the country, once I’m back in the States I fully expect to watch all my content from YouTube clips and Netflix.

That’s me though — maybe I’m a weirdo. Let us know your viewing habits in the comments sections.