Tag Management Startup Tealium Raises $15.6 Million Series C Round


Tealium — a tag management company — has raised a $15.6 million Series C round led by Tenaya Capital, with participation from Battery Ventures and Presidio Ventures, according to TechCrunch.

Tealium captures clean data streams for enterprise marketers working on web sites, mobile sites and mobile apps, letting companies manage all their vendor tags such as as analytics, advertising, affiliate, PPC search and other online marketing. Customers can add, remove or modify tags without additional IT resources. The company plans to expand its mobile platform and extend support for different mobile architectures and operating systems.

The company has gone from 5 to 250 customers in the past two years, and CEO Jeff Lunsford expects the upward trend to continue as company’s look for clean, efficient ways of managing tag data.

Some people say tag management is a lot like analytics ¬†back in 2002 — a big untapped problem which companies are dying to solve and cash in. Personally, I like to think more in terms of the Wild West — the Web (West) has too many darn tags (outlaws) living outside a manageable domain (society), and someone needs to tame them.

Jeff Lunsford even looks like a sheriff — you could cut a steak with that jaw. Git along now, Lunsford!