HAPPY WEEKEND! Now Compare Yourself to 15-Year-Old Mark Zuckerberg and 18-Year-Old Bill Gates


Earlier this week, the Internet’s most assiduous trolls discovered what is most likely Mark Zuckerberg’s AngelFire page from 1999, when was 15. Among other early indicators of networking genius: a Java app he developed called “The Web,” wherein Zuckerberg requested people “e-mail me and the names of two people that you would like to be linked with.”

The site also includes a “magnetic poetry” app — ever the humanist, that young Zuckerberg. Check out the full site here.

Continuing the tour of painful tech mogul childhood memories, the Interwebz also uncovered the resumes of Bill Gates and Paul Allen from 1974. Strangely enough, both of their resumes include “height and weight” (those wacky ’70s, amIrite?) Gates marks himself at a healthily anemic 5’10 and 130 pounds, looking for a job as a Systems Analyst or Systems Programmer, with a current salary of $15,000 — adjusted for inflation, that means he was earning $70,000 a year.

Clearly, he’s taken a few salary increases since then.