Meet Facebook’s Official “Candy Partner,” Sugarfina, Founded by a Millionaire Malibu Couple


When Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick met three years ago on, they were looking for life partners, not business partners. They ended up becoming both — some people have all the luck in love, huh?

According to Forbes, O’Neill and Resnick are the founders of Sugarfina, an eight-month old Los Angeles startup which specializes in rare international candy sourced from locations they scout themselves — about 30% of their selection isn’t available anywhere else in the States. The couple visits at least 10 countries a year, snuffling out the small-batch producers and local legends who are willing to entrust the California couple with their recipes and products.

Q1 revenues of 2013 were 54% higher then Q4 of 2012, with candy selling for about $16 a pound, and they expect to bring in revenues of over $1 million by the end of the year. The company also got a big boost when Facebook reached out to them to become partners in the new “gifts program,” allowing users to easily send Sugarfina gifts to each…

TIME OUT! There are thousands of candy purveyors in the U.S., and friggin’ Facebook reaches out to an obscure L.A. startup for a partnership? Oh yea — we forgot to mention that Resnick sold his video game design studio to Electronic Arts for $870 million in 2007. Add that to O’Neill’s experience as head of marketing for Barbie at Mattel, and you’ve got a legitimate power couple, however cute their hook-up story (their third date was an outside screening of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory).

One of the top sellers is champagne gummy bears, which they have already arranged to be the first gummy candy in orbit on Virgin Galactic’s launch in 2014, and the official company car is a custom Tesla with vanity license plates.

Fellow haters and jealous founders, I know, it’s all too much! This perfectly candied couple must be destroyed, but be patient! You don’t execute an $870 billion exit without being tough-as-nails, and we’re not too certain how long Mr. Resnick will be able to contain the Type-A, asshole founder side from his business partner and girlfriend.

In the meantime, I’m ordering me some champagne gummy bears…gotta spend all this blog money somehow…