COUGAR NIGHT: How a Romance Advisor Created Silicon Valley’s Most Exclusive Date Night


This month’s Vanity Fair has a profile of Amy Andersen, founder of Linx Dating and organizer of the Thursday night meet-and-greet at the Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel, otherwise known as Cougar Night. Andersen essentially helps young, wealthy, socially-clueless tech nerds connect with older, sometimes upper-management females from the Valley’s top firms — and it’s not to collect business cards.

The women — whose Type-A personalities have helped them in their careers but not in their love lives — are looking for money and compatible brains. The dudes are looking for semi-compatible brains and (we assume) cougarific tendencies. Sparks fly. Champagne flows. Impulses are followed, then immediately regretted.

The event is invitation only, and all part of Andersen’s hyper-exclusive dating service: people looking to become clients of Andersen’s pay $500 for an initial screening. If they pass that, they can choose between silver, platinum, V.I.P. 1, or V.I.P. 2 packages. Silver costs $20,000 and comes with eight introductions to potential mates. V.I.P. levels 1 and 2, on the other hand, are price-upon-request services for clients whose demands can include nationwide searches for the perfect mate.  She currently services about 1,000 clients.

A short-lived “Rosewood Gossip” Twitter account actually chronicled some fairly hilarious quotes from a  few “Cougar Nights” at the Rosewood in 2012. Some highlights:

OH from waitress, “Watch it that guy is a perv” OH from waitress 2, “Aren’t they all? “

F**** Yeah…@VinodColeslaw: If I were a hot girl, I would become a wealth manager and hang out at the Rosewood.

“If I hang around here long enough, my series A will increase 3x or I’ll go home with a hooker. Either way, I’m good…”