Would You Trust a Stranger With Your Car? FlightCar Raises $5.5 Million from Ryan Seacrest, Others to Disrupt Airport Rental Service


FlightCar — a peer-to-peer service connecting travelers to low-cost rental cars — has raised a $5.5 million Series A round from General Catalyst, Softbank Capital, Airbnb founder Brian Chesky, and Ryan Seacrest’s Seacrest Global Group, according to TechCrunch.

FlightCar customers can drop off their vehicles at a FlightCar lot at certain airports (just San Francisco International Airport, for now…), and incoming visitors can then rent these vehicles at low rates. Each vehicle’s owner is compensated with gas cards equal to up to $10 a day, and if a car remains un-rented, they receive free parking. Also included: a free car wash (!), and a $1 million insurance policy for both owners and renters.

Some stipulations: cars must have been manufactured by 1999, and have less than 150,000.

The company was founded by a trio of 18-year-olds from Harvard, Princeton and MIT, who hope to bring the service to Boston’s Logan International Airport and a few others by the end of the year. The  company was also a favorite at last month’s Y Combinator Demo Day.

Personally? I would want some sort of stipulation that only first-class passengers can rent my car. Not because I’m first-class (I’m on a third-world salary, bro…), but because I don’t know what kind of creepers come through San Francisco airport on a daily basis. It’s not all Silicon Valley, folks! Only people I trust in the Bay are entrepreneurs and acolytes of the Lil B (TYBG). And Stanford students. And Berkeley students. But that’s it.*


*…and the people in my grandparent’s retirement home…they’re chill…