20Jeans Raises $1 Million to Prove Men Don’t Care About Brands


20Jeans is a Los Angeles startup that has developed an enterprise SaaS integration platform….HAH! Kidding, kidding, they make jeans…and they’re basing their entire business model on the fact that most men don’t give a flying f*ck what brand they wear.  The company recently raised a $1 million seed round from Baroda Ventures, Plus Capital and Siemer Ventures, according to Pando Daily.

Sorry, Bonobos — you’ll have to peddle your Nantucket Reds and preppy butt-padding pants elsewhere. This is 20Jeans territory!

Founder Corey Epstein — who has quite the model-esque, smirking LinkedIn photo — left a job as a senior consultant at Deloitte to start the company. The jeans are — indeed — rarely more then $20, with the most expensive shirts and outerwear never surpassing $60. Over 10,000 orders have been placed so far.

Personally, I care a lot about brands — so much that I used to binge shop at Salvation Army for discarded Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers apparel to rock around my frat castle in college (but that’s a whole ‘nother, more depressing story). Jeans, however, are definitely a gray area where brands don’t hold as much as sway, usually because logos are not visible.

A quick look at the 20Jeans website won me over with their “Shop By the Look” section: ensemble titles include “Ironic Mr. Rogers” (a navy cardigan, light jeans and blue button-down), “Swagger McCoolface” (maroon t-shirt, light jeans), and “Lobstahman” (striped tank top, light jeans).

ALSO (also also also), the company runs a blog/online magazine called Modern Mandate, which basically proves how e-commerce has to be necessarily linked with great content. The classy site looks to be updated with interviews, recipes, and news fairly regularly, and basically functions as a next-gen GQ or Esquire.

I actually haven’t seen a  Coachella “Men’s Fashion Wrap-Up” anywhere else yet (other blogs, inexplicably, focus on the females…). Keep bringing me content like that and I just may try the jeans…