Kaazing Goes Cha-Ching, Raises $15 Million Funding Round for Hyperfast Communications


Kaazing is a “real-time Web and mobile communication startup,” according to PandoDaily, and describes itself as “the Heart of the Living Web.” The company uses HTML5 WebSocket protocol — to help browsers and mobile applications operate faster and more efficient.

The company just closed out a $15  million round, led by NEA and Columbus Nova Technology Partners — and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it land an IPO in due time.  Kaazing already has high-powered clients like Google, Cisco, Oracle, Bloomberg, BP, Southwest Airlines, HSBC and The Limited in its pocket, and has raised a total of $39 million since launch.

Here’s a lil’ primer on HTML5, for all you who don’t fully understand the friggin’ huge implications: http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/websockets/basics/

Mind blown, right? Bet you’re all discombobulated from considering the “request/response paradigm of HTTP,” hmm? WELCOME TO THE FUTURE, NeRDZ!

Pictured above: Colonel Meow, CEO of BuzzFeed, who gives me motivation to write these awe-inspiring funding posts which will surely go viral.