Vidyo Raises $17 Million to Push Video Conferencing Software into Universities, Public Schools


Vidyo — a video conferencing service marketing to enterprise companies — has raised a $17 million funding round from Juniper Networks, QuestMark Partners, Menlo Ventures and other, according to TechCrunch. The company also has forged an agreement with education consortium Internet2 to help push its conferencing software and equipment into universities and public schools.

The company has raised over $116 million to date, and holds a special niche with its software, which easily integrates with previously installed conferencing hardware from tech giants like Cisco, Microsoft, and even Apple. The company currently has 13 offices worldwide, with 26 issued patents and 56 pending behind its technology.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised there isn’t already “one video-conferencing tool to rule them all.” Choosing a conferencing software is like choosing toilet paper — I don’t need variety, I just need to get the job done.