The Wall Street Journal and Other Media Companies Are Now Obsessed With Shows About Entrepreneurs


Programming about start-ups runs the gamut from corny (see the douchebaggery of  “Making Moves”) to kinda cool (see ABC’s “Shark Tank). Hence, we’re interested to see what comes out of the new generation of startup-themed programming, including The Wall Street Journal’s web series, “Start-Up of the Year,” which follows 25 startups over a five-month period as they develop and receive guidance from icons like Sir Richard Branson,, and MC Hammer.*

“Start-Up of the Year” will debut June 24 on WSJ Live, which currently averages 20 million streams a month.

Another, lesser-known but perhaps just as powerful** media company — Alloy Digital — will also be launching a new web-series, “Dorm Biz,” via its multi-channel YouTube network. The show will follow college students creating startups out of their dorm rooms — so expect to see a bunch of smartphone apps.

Between Alloy Digital, the Wall Street Journal and Amazon’s ‘Betas’ comedy about Silicon Valley starring Ed Begley, Jr., it should be quite a year for entrepreneurship programming — let’s just hope we don’t

*Apparently an erstwhile social media-marketing career, a bankruptcy and a hit ’90s single can combine to make a potent Silicon Valley icon — MC Hammer, we lay our ego at your feet.

**Hah! Just kidding, Alloy Digital isn’t really powerful. They just happen to run the most subscribed-to YouTube channel ever, Smosh….