JoyTunes Raises $1.5 Million to ‘Gamify’ Music Lessons, Destroy Quincy Jones and Everything He Stands For


JoyTunes — one of the many startups trying to become the  ‘Rosetta Stone of music’ — has raised a $1.5 million Series A round, led by Genesis Partners and with participation from Founder Collective, Kaedan Capital and others, according to TechCrunch.

JoyTunes’ first app, Piano Dust Buster, uses a 3d virtual keyboard and game-elements to teach users to tinkle the ivories — over one million songs are currently played a week on the app.

The company’s second app, Piano Mania, will offer lessons for more experienced users, helping them read sheet music and play with both hands.

Some of you may remember legendary music producer Quincy Jones’ piano app, Playground  Sessions, which allows users to play pop standards. We’re not sure JoyTunes have their eye on Playground Sessions — they tell TechCrunch that most of their competitors are focused on guitars, not pianos. However, the choice is fairly straightforward — learn piano from the guy who produced Michael Jackson and The Beatles, or learn from some Israeli game designers.

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