Hummus Shop Owner Launches OwnerListens, Raises $1.1 Million to Let You Text Business Owners with Complaints


OwnerListens — which allows customers to text owners directly with complaints — has raised $1.1 million from Menlo Ventures, Promus Ventures and others, according to TechCrunch.

Co-founder Oren Dobronsky is an experienced entrepreneur, but not in the traditional “tech” sense: he owns a hummus shop in Palo Alto. Like any business owner, he was stung by a few bad reviews — though we don’t doubt the quality of his hummus — and recruited three co-founders to help launch the app.

Around 1,200 businesses currently use the app, including Philz Coffee — who seem to be the most startup-friendly coffee shop on the market — and Whole Foods Palo Alto.

The philosophy for business owners? If you’re going to snark about a bad customer experience, say that sh*t to my face. 

It also would seem that the app’s success hinges on how much owners actually interact with the messages they receive.  To fully utilize the app, of course, you’d want a communications team responding to each message, but if  they’re just headed to the bosses’ ‘other’ cell phone, buzzing underneath a bunch of pizza boxes — can’t say it would be as engaging an experience.