Major Media Rushes Into YouTube as Fashion Network StyleHaul Raises Additional $6.5 Million


StyleHaul — a network of over 2,100 YouTube channels dedicated to fashion and cosmetics — has raised $6.5 million from European media conglomerate RTL Group, according to TubeFilter. On top of previous investment rounds, including $6.5 million from German media conglomerate in February, StyleHaul is sitting pretty on around $17 million in funding.

Who would’ve thought that bedroom hair-tutorial videos would evolve into an empire? Well, CEO and founder Stephanie Horbaczewski — a former regional marketing director at Saks Fifth Avenue — apparently had a vision from the start. The channel is generating over 300 million monthly views with a mix of premier-quality content — like their shiny new channel trailer featuring cameos from Kim Kardashian, Rachel Bilson and Iggy Azalea — and those good ol’ fashioned bedroom tutorials.

Horbaczewski says that she is currently focused on building revenue streams outside of YouTube, including a ‘shoppable player’ which lets viewers purchase items they see in videos. Also, she’ll be pushing the channel towards scripted series, including a ‘Zoolander’ cartoon series in collaboration with Ben Stiller.

Ever since Dreamworks acquired AwesomenessTV for $33 million earlier this month, I’ve found it hard not to get giddy about the future of content creators — venture capital isn’t just for the techies anymore. It would seem that a natural evolution for StyleHaul would be to license certain content to mainstream media like E!, or partner to create television shows a la Vice and HBO. 

Basically, even if you’re a hapless English major with only a laptop and webcam to your name, you have the potential to start your own media career. Just start filming…