Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures Invest $10.7 Million in Airware, for Flying Robot Drones


According to Chris Dixon’s blogand TechCrunch — Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures have invested $10.7 million in Airware, which creates operating systems for drones.

Keep in mind, these ‘drones’ are not of the stealth military variety, but for friendly civilian uses — like surveying crops! Mapping infrastructure inspection! Flying into burning buildings!

That’s the beauty of decreasing average costs — soon every child will have a e-book in one hand and a flying drone controller in the other.

In all seriousness, studies show that using drones for crop surveillance could raise food yields over 25% and decrease water usage by 40%. Airware founder Jonathan Downey is an MIT graduate, and previously built drones at Boeing — this is serious disruption, people. Peter Thiel would be proud, if he weren’t so busy prophesying the future of Bitcoin.