THIS WEEK IN WINKLEVII: The Boys Help Raise $2 Million Funding Round for Hukkster Hotties, and Bitcoins Are the Talk of Greenwich Country Club


According to Forbes, Hukkster has raised a $2 million seed round with participation from Winklevoss Capital — doff of the hat to Tyler and Cameron — and Lisa Blau.

Hukkster — which launched in April 2012 — is the “Pinterest for deal-seeking,” allowing users to “hukk” items they see on e-commerce sites, and receive e-mails when the items are on sale.

On a side note, “hukk it” is the most appealing startup verb we’ve heard all year.

Among the site’s upcoming retoolings include a “tastemakers” section for popular fashion figures to share their ‘wishlists,’ and a September redesign of the iPhone and iPad applications.

It should be noted that co-founders Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan are extraordinarily comely young lasses. Typical winning behavior, killing two birds with one stone by finding dates to the Porcellian Club Reunion Ball AND ideal investees for Winklevoss Capital — I raise my glass, good sirs!

But alas, the week saw its share of struggle as well, as Mt. Gox — the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange — was raided by the feds for running an “unlicensed money transmitting business.” Tyler and Cameron describe themselves as proud “Bitcoiners” on their Twitter accounts, and own roughly 1% of all Bitcoins.

Stiff upper lip, boys! The world will come around to the Ol’ Greenwich POV! Peter Thiel already has