BRAD FELD: Are You a Depressed Entrepreneur? Maybe It’s Because of Innovation Cycles…


Brad Feld, managing director of the Foundry Group, is apparently a very depressed guy. I probably should have seen this coming, what with the David Foster Wallace-esque hair-do and the emotive oil portrait on his Twitter account.

He writes in a recent blog post about “coming out of my depression,” and muses about the possible sources, with help from Doug Liles (an ‘engineering sales differentiation’ guy in Denver). Among the possible instigators:

a) ‘The discipline of our prior living behaviors become incompatible with the essence of our being.’ (Sooo…my behavior of surfing the internet with a bucket of fried-chicken between my legs is not ‘the essence of my being?’)

b) The daily pressures put upon Feld as a high-profile VC, and dealing with the ‘blood-sucking vampires.’

c) The end of an innovation cycle — ‘maybe software and SaaS solutions have become too easy.’

Depression, of course, is an illness caused by a chemical imbalance — there’s a major difference between being sad, and being hardcore clinically depressed. I don’t doubt Feld has depression — we’re rootin’ for ya, buddy! — and yeah, it is probably exacerbated when the business of the future becomes more unclear.

But, if ‘innovation cycles’ and the end of ‘Saas solutions’ cause medical depressions, then we’re going to have a lot of gloomy readers in the coming years. Let us know your thoughts on entrepreneurs + depression in the comments section.