WHAT HATH WE WROUGHT? Food Bubble Rapidly Expanding as Seamless and GrubHub Merge


As regular readers of this blog know, there is a very serious food-delivery bubble. If I had to choose, I’d choose for ZeroCater to outlive the rest, if only because its founder is a community-college dropout who used to work at Ben & Jerry’s.

However, with the merging of Seamless and GrubHub — two of the biggest playa-playas in the space — the heat just got turned up a whole ‘nother notch for the myriad competitors, according to TechCrunch. GrubHub co-founder/CEO Matt Maloney will be the new CEO, while Seamless CEO Jonathan Zabusky will serve as the company’s president.

The companies generated over $100 million in combined revenue in 2012, and according to CrunchBase, GrubHub has the larger restaurant-index with over 15,000 restaurants in over 400 American cities, compared to Seamless’ 11,000-restaurant base.

It should be noted that ZeroCater, EAT Club and other ‘competitors’ focus on the enterprise space — delivering office lunches, for instance — while the combined Seamless/GrubHub Cthulu-beast is a consumer-facing company. But really — does it make a damn difference? Am I missing something crucial about food delivery value-adds? Let me know in the comments section.