‘Bang With Friends’ Founder is Not Creepy At All, But the App Has ‘Hurt His Game’


Valleywag — probably the quickest to the trigger when it comes to taking down megalomaniacal startup foundersis a fan of Colin Hodge, CEO of Bang with Friends. The 28-year-old Cornell graduate is just a “friendly, sex positive brogrammer in search of a viral loop.” And yeah, like any millenial, he’s down for some no-strings-attached, wild-for-the-night romance.

But dammit if getting banned ifrom the iTunes store doesn’t damage your reputation with the ladies. Of his relationships, Hodge says that he’s “definitely had mixed reactions from women. Most of them can’t get over it. The whole night they’ll be like, ‘I can’t believe a Bang with friends founder blah blah blah.’ It definitely doesn’t help my game, so to speak. It’s only hurt it a few times, I guess, so it’s kind of a mixed bag.”

Hodge, lemme give you advice, bro:  ‘a few times’ is a few too many.

Aside from the romance troubles, Hodge is also focused on scaling the app from its current 1 million users who log in 70,000 times per day. The site has linked up more than 200,000 couples since January, and was originally a spin-off from another Hodge project, a dating site called HeardAboutYou. Along with co-founder Omri Mor, and an anonymous third co-founder whose “parents don’t know,” Hodge is trying to get rid of the “bullshit and fake intentions” in online dating.

Just in case the message isn’t loud and clear, here’s a helpful tutorial on “How to Bang” from the Bang with Friends team:

Hodge says “it stopped being  a joke site in the first day we launched and saw a huge pick up,” and is straight-forward in admitting that his team is shooting for viral popularity.

Bang with Friends is currently most popular in Brazil, followed by the U.S. and Germany, and according to BetaBeat, Oxford University students are obsessed.

For those who want to meet Hodge and the rest of his delectably-nerdy team, check out the “Bang with NYC” party the company is hosting at Pink Elephant tonight. And send us pictures if you end up going — we promise we won’t tell *giggle*