Brad Feld and Fred Wilson Want YOU to Support the Innovator’s Patent Agreement From Twitter


In a recent blog post, Brad Feld of the Foundry Group explains that he thinks both U.S. patent reform and immigration reform are broken. Not surprisingly, Silicon Valley is looking to ‘disrupt’ these issues, and Twitter in particular is leading the way with intellectual property by drafting the Innovator’s Patent Agreement (IPA).

The IPA essentially requires tech companies to “only use patents defensively,” and you can read a draft on GitHub here. Among other positives, the IPA “keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers,” so if/when a company sells a patent, “the assignee can only use the patent as the inventor intended.” Earlier this week, Twitter announced via its blog that they will be using the IPA on their “latest issued U.S. patent,” entitled “User Interface Mechanics” and developed by Loren Brichter.

Additionally, Jelly and Lift will be both using the IPA moving forward.

Fred Wilson — one of Twitter’s major investors — also is a big supporter of the IPA.

As for immigration reform — everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Mashable have started initiatives to broadcast their strong opinions on the topic. And everyone the New York Times to BuzzFeed has got strong opinions on those strong opinions.